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First off, what are protective coatings and sealants?

Protective coatings are chemicals such as polyurethanes, epoxies, zinc-rich primers, etc. used to reduce corrosion by reducing the exposure of a product or material to its surrounding corrosive environment. Protective coatings are typically used in an outdoor setting for sculptures and architectural or constructional elements,  but can also be applied to a variety of other uses and applications.

A sealant is a chemical product that creates a mechanical seal to fill gaps, cracks, and other openings that might cause leaks of unwanted matter, liquid or gas.

No matter the industry, many products require protective coatings and sealants to protect an object from eroding or impairing. That’s where DAXX comes in. 

DAXX provides a plethora of protective coatings and sealants on a global scale to help any and all companies get the resources they need to equip their products to the fullest. 


So how do industries use these chemicals for their products and what are the benefits? See below!


1. Provide Durable Protection

Companies in a variety of industries often rely on metals like steel for production and manufacturing. But one limitation is that metal can be prone to rusting, shortening the lifespan of products even further if left unprotected. To combat this dilemma, businesses utilize protective coatings as a way to safeguard surfaces from wear-and-tear due to harsh conditions and dangerous elements in the environment. Wood, masonry, stone solar panels glass – they all benefit greatly when treated with effective protective coating solutions!

When it comes to protecting their materials and products, industries go for the best coatings available. Depending on conditions such as curing treatments or application methods, there are a variety of protective coating options:


    • Powder Coating – Powder coating transforms specialized resins, pigments and a filter into an advanced painted finish with incredible scratch- and chip resistance. This is achieved through the process of electrostatic charging which holds the particles to substrate surfaces – truly revolutionizing surface protection!
    • Hot Dip Galvanizing – To ensure the long-term protection of steel from corrosion, a coating of Zinc should be applied. This process known as hot-dip galvanizing will make your materials stronger and more resistant to extreme conditions.
    • Two-Component Epoxy Coating – Two-component epoxy coating is one of the smartest choices for making materials or products resistant to a range of challenges, such as friction, impact forces and abrasion. The heat resistance property makes it an ideal pick for automotive and industrial businesses alike – never worry about protecting against corrosion fluids again.



2. Waterproofing Surfaces

Industries are constantly challenged with protecting their properties from the damaging effects of moisture. Without proper sealing and waterproofing, buildings can be left vulnerable to potential mold infections that could cause extensive damage to roofs, siding, masonry structures, doors and windows – even foundations! Thankfully there is an effective solution: protective sealants that not only make materials durable but keep them safe against water intrusion.


3. For Aesthetic Purposes

Industries need to make sure that their structures and surfaces, both inside and out, are well-protected from the elements – something protective coatings and sealants can provide. And these days there’s no shortage of variety; you have decorative options with anti-dampening or washability properties for better aesthetics plus weather resistance so your structure stays safe even in harsh conditions!

When it comes to standing out from the crowd, decorative coatings are a key player in both construction and packaging industries. Whether you’re looking for labels that dazzle or packages with sparkles of brilliance – labeling and packaging companies utilize these types of coatings to make their products pop off retail shelves. Nowadays, shoppers’ eyes quickly gravitate towards brighter coloring when scoping out department store options – so if you want your product noticed first, opt for an eye-catching hue!

Furniture, flooring and outdoor structures take on new life with protective coatings and sealants like wood stains, varnishes and paints. These treatments bring out the beauty of wooden products while safeguarding them against water damage, dust build-up or scratching – allowing consumers to enjoy their investment for even longer.



Various industries rely on protective coatings and sealants to increase the quality of their products. Not only do they make materials more durable, but also aesthetically pleasing with a glossy finish that prevents water damage and adds appeal. Without coatings or sealants, many industries would be unable to provide high-quality goods – so now you know why we need them!

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