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Polyvinyl Alcohol

Polyvinyl Alcohol

Polyvinyl Alcohol is a water soluble synthetic polymer with excellent film forming, emulsifying and adhesive properties. It combines high tensile strength with ease of film formation and its resins show excellent adhesive and bonding characteristics. Partially hydrolyzed grades have better adhesion to hydrophobic surfaces. The degree of hydrolysis affects the water sensitivity of both the resin and film. Water resistance increases with increasing hydrolysis. The super hydrolyzed grades should be used when maximum water resistance and humidity resistance are desired. Polyvinyl Alcohol resins are generally unaffected by greases, petroleum hydrocarbons and animal or vegetable oils. Its resistance to organic solvents increases with the degree of hydrolysis. Polyvinyl Alcohol film can be plasticized with glycerol or the lower molecular weight glycols. These materials generally act as humectants, holding water in the film.

CAS Number: 25213-24-5

Applications & Uses

Adhesives & Cements

Anti Redeposition Agent


Body Wash



Film Forming

Joint Cement


Oil Well Cementing

Paper & Paperboard

Polystyrene Emulsions

Polyvinyl Chloride Emulsions

Shower Gels

Sun Care Products

Sunscreens – Water Resistant


Vinyl Acetate Emulsions

Viscosity Builder



Tank Truck




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