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N Propyl Alcohol

N Propyl Alcohol

N-Propyl is used as a solvent and an intermediate product. It tends to absorb less water than lower alcohols and has a much milder, more pleasant smell than higher alcohols.

As a solvent, N-Propyl is employed mainly in printing inks, especially flexographic inks, in the coatings industry, N-Propyl is used as a semi-volatile alcohol for improving the drying properties, for example in the manufacture of alkyd resin paints, baking finishes and electrodeposition paints.

In the cleaning agent sector, it is added to floor polishes and metal degreasing agents. In adhesive manufacture, N-Propyl serves as an additional solvent.

N-Propyl Alcohol is also used in deicing fluids, as an extracting agent and as an entrainer in azeotropic distillations.

N-Propyl Alcohol serves as a starting material for the manufacture of insecticides, herbicides and medicines. It is reacted with acetic acid to produce propyl acetate, with ammonia to form progylamine and with halogens to yield the corresponding propyl halogenides.

CAS Number: 71-23-8

Applications & Uses

Agriculture Intermediates

Auto Plastics

Flexographic Printing Inks

Gravure Printing Inks

Gravure Printing Inks

Wood Coatings

Architectural Coatings

Commercial Printing Inks

General Industrial Coatings


Process Solvents

Auto OEM

Consumer Printing Inks

Graphic Arts

Packaging Components Non-food Contact

Protective Coatings


Rail Car

Tank Trucks



Iso Tank

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