Glycol Ether EB

Glycol Ether EB

Glycol Ether EB is an important component in household and industrial cleaners, enhancing wetting and cleaning ability. Glycol Ether EB is an organic liquid with a sweet ether-type odor and is an excellent solvent for a variety of resins including acrylic, alkyd, phenolic, epoxy, nitrocellulose and urethane resins. Glycol Ether EB is affordably priced solvent that can dissolve both hydrophobic and water soluble compounds, and is a solvent for paints, inks, cleaning products. Glycol Ether EB is popular because it’s used for multiple things like cleaning products, herbicides, oil slick dispersants, drilling stabilizers, and fracturing fluids.

CAS Number: 111-76-2

Applications & Uses


Adhesives and Paints

Modern Medicine

De-scalers and rust removal

Photography and Film


Rail Car

Tank Trucks



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