Glycol Ether EB

Glycol Ether EB is an important component in household and industrial cleaners, enhancing wetting and cleaning ability. Glycol Ether EB is an organic liquid with a sweet ether-type odor and is an excellent solvent for a variety of resins including acrylic, alkyd, phenolic, epoxy, nitrocellulose and urethane resins. Glycol Ether EB is affordably priced solvent that can dissolve both hydrophobic and water soluble compounds, and is a solvent for paints, inks, cleaning products. Glycol Ether EB is popular because it’s used for multiple things like cleaning products, herbicides, oil slick dispersants, drilling stabilizers, and fracturing fluids.

CAS #111-76-2

Applications & Uses

    • Vinegar
    • Modern Medicine
    • Photography and Film
    • Adhesives and Paints
    • De-scalers and rust removal


Rail Car

Tank Trucks