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Diethanolamine 85% LFG (DEA 85% LFG)

Diethanolamine 85% LFG (DEA 85% LFG)

Because DEA combines the properties of amines and alcohols it exhibits the unique capability of undergoing reactions common to both groups. As an alcohol, DEA is hygroscopic and can be esterfied. It imparts a reserve alkalinity to the laundry bath, which is essential to efficient cleaning. DEA is an effective oil and anti-redeposition agent. It is reacted with fats, oils or derived fatty acids to form fatty acid amides to form foam stabilizers, emulsifiers and viscosity builders in products such as shampoos and cosmetics. DEA is used as reaction intermediates for the preparation of durable press fabric finishes and softeners. When reacted to form amine soaps, useful as scouring agents for wool and silk because of its low alkalinity. Because it is hygroscopic, DEA is used in the preparation of vat printing pastes. It removes hydrogen sulfide & carbon dioxide in natural gas & liquid gas streams.

CAS Number: 111-42-2

Applications & Uses



Gas Treating

Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger

Oil Field Production Chemicals

Textile Finishes

Antiredeposition Agent

Cutting Fluid

Hair Care

Metalworking Fluids


Urethane Foams

Concrete Admixtures


Hair Colorants

Natural Gas Treating


Waterless Hand Cleaners



Tank Truck

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