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Dibasic Ester

Dibasic Ester

Dibasic Ester is a clear Colorless mixture of dimethyl succinate, dimethyl glutarate and dimethyl adipate.

Used in can and coil coatings, foundry core binders, acrylic lacquers, wood finishes, printing inks, paint strippers, various industrial cleaning applications including metal degreasing, GRP resin cleaning, hand cleaning etc., grouting, sealants and wax formulations, etc.

CAS Number: 1119-40-0, 627-93-0, 106-65-0

Also Known As:

Dimethyl Glutarate and Dimethyl Adipate and Dimethyl Succinate


Applications & Uses

Adhesives & Cements

Graffiti Removers

Ink Solvent
Oil Field Service Chemicals
Polyester Resins
Coil Coatings

Green Products

Metal Cleaners
Paint Solvent

D – Limonene Replacement

Ink Remover
Nail Polish Remover
Paint Strippers
Textile Lubricant


Rail Car

Iso Tank


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