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Jean-Marie Diederichs


Jean-Marie brings over 35 years of senior management experience across Europe, Mexico and the United States to the DAXX team. He oversees leadership development, international business practices, and strategic planning in areas such as supply chain and lean manufacturing.

“DAXX is growing 25% per year, because we consider growth on the personal as well as systems level. Leadership is based on creativity as well as results and requires interactions and cross-pollination of ideas across employees in different roles. We work to ensure that all DAXX employees know that their work matters and has an important impact on the company’s success.”

Jean-Marie Diederichs     |     President

“As I’ve watched our company grow and evolve over the years, I’ve been most impressed by our ability to have fun while expanding our presence and growing into new markets.”

Alexandre Diederichs

Director of Procurement | Houston Office

Alexandre Diederichs, founder of DAXX, has 15+ years of experience in the chemical industry and served in various leadership positions prior to founding DAXX almost a decade ago. Alex is responsible for leading the next phase of the company’s long-term growth strategy across The Americas and for identifying M&A value capture. Alex holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of St. Thomas in Houston. He enjoys running, biking, swimming and spending time with his family.

“Working at DAXX has given me the opportunity to develop professionally and personally on a daily basis. It’s rare to find a workplace that offers continued opportunity for education and training while also affording employees a healthy work-life balance. We’ve got that.”

Andres Rodriguez

Director of Finance | Houston Office

Andres has been working in the chemicals industry and international business for 14 years and has been with DAXX for the past eight where he works on development and growth strategies in areas of chemical wholesale and distribution, logistics, operations, sales and management.

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant!”

Sophie Fernandez-Cueto

Human Resources | Houston Office

Sophie has been with DAXX since its foundation, bringing her accounting, auditing, and consulting experience from a previous job in PWC. She currently runs the Human Resource department and serves as a link between management and employees. She is also in charge of identifying staff vacancies, selecting applicants, interviewing, and recruiting.

“We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other.”

Karlee Thompson

Operations | Houston Office

Karlee Thompson brings 12 years of experience in the Chemical Industry. She strategically plans and manages the logistics department. She is in charge of directing, optimizing and coordinating an order full circle. She keeps track of quality, quantity , stock levels, delivery times, transport costs and efficiency. She makes sure that DAXX maintains its metrics and analyzes data to asses performance and implement improvements.

“I love the camaraderie at DAXX. Team members, at every level, are looking out for each other’s best interest and motivating others to accomplish their goals.”

Francisco Sainz

Director of Finance | Mexico Office

Francisco came to DAXX with a background in sales and management and a proven track record in growth strategies. As general manager, Francisco works on strategic planning, management and oversight of company infrastructure and internal processes, as well as human resource related tasks.

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